Staff Bio

Joanne Segovia
Office Manager/Bookkeeper

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Joanne Segovia handles our day to day communications with clients, instructors, processing all registrations and payments. Joanne has been a manager in the accounting field for over 30 years and is also the Executive Director and Bookkeeper for the San Jose Police Officers' Association.

Nicole Decker
Office Assistant

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Nicole Decker assists in handling many of our day to day communications with clients, processing registrations and payments. Nicole is also an Administrative Assistant and Graphic Designer for the San Jose Police Officers' Association.

Mike Rains
Internal Affairs Instructor

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Mike Rains has a Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude in English Literature from the California State University at Long Beach. Mike, while serving as a police officer in the City of Santa Monica, received a scholarship to attend law school. He earned his Juris Doctorate summa cum laude at Golden West University School of Law. After graduating from law school, he entered the private practice of law, leaving police work in 1980.

Mike worked for 18 years at the San Francisco based law firm of Carroll, Burdick & McDonough and founded Rains Lucia Stern, PC in May, 1999. The firm emphasizes the representation of public safety personnel in administrative, disciplinary, civil, criminal and labor-related issues. Mike has over 30 years representing police officers and other high profile clients in civil and criminal litigation.


Michael Brown
Death Investigation/Officer Involved Incident Instructor

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Michael Brown began his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1981. In 1984 he joined the San Jose Police Department where he retired as a Sergeant in 2010. He currently works for the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office assigned to investigate Cold Cases. His past assignments included: Homicide, Night Detective General, and Sexual Assaults. He has teaching experience in: Death Investigation, Child Death Protocol, Major Crime Scene Management for Supervisors, Missing Persons Investigations for Supervisors, and Officer Involved Shooting Investigations.

Stella Cruz
MDI Instructor

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Stella Cruz is a police officer with the San Jose Police Department currently assigned as a detective in the Assaults Unit. She has worked a variety of assignments in the Patrol Division and the Bureau of Investigations. As a detective in the Sexual Assaults Investigations Unit, she conducted hundreds of victim interviews with children that resulted in numerous convictions. Stella obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Communications and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of California Santa Barbara. Prior to joining the San Jose Police Department, Stella worked as an elementary school teacher for seven years and was tasked as a resource teacher to instruct other teachers in the area of Technology, Mathematics and Science.

Charles Gillingham
MDI/Child Exploitation Investigation Instructor

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Charles Gillingham has been a prosecutor with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office since 1994. Mr. Gillingham has handled the prosecution of three-strike, robberies, child molest, homicide and death penalty cases. He is a regular instructor for the California District Attorney's Association training prosecutors in evidence and trial advocacy. Mr. Gillingham was the California District Attorneys Association Instructor of the year for 2004 and a member of the Board of Directors for 2005/6. Mr. Gillingham teaches the legal aspects of Child Exploitation Investigation for the Department of Justice in the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. He has instructed at Santa Clara University School of Law in evidence as an Adjunct Professor of Law for 3 years.

Steve McEwan
Child Exploitation Investigation Instructor

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Steve McEwan is a Sergeant with the San Jose Police Department. He has worked in law enforcement for over 20 years, including several years as a Police Officer in the United Kingdom. He has worked undercover assignments in the Child Exploitation Detail and also as a Criminal Intelligence Officer (Organized Crime). While assigned to the Child Exploitation Detail, his undercover cases involved investigating Child Pornography, Internet Predators and the International Trafficking of Children. He was also involved in a number of high profile reactive investigations of Child Predators. Sergeant McEwan has taught 'Child Sexual Exploitation' for California POST since 1999. In 2006 he received the 'Excellence in Instruction' Award, California POST, Robert Presley Institute for Criminal Investigations. He has been recognized as a 'Subject Matter Expert' in the State and Federal Courts. Sergeant McEwan also sits on an Advisory Committee of various California Mentoring Groups, assisting to develop standardized guidelines to prevent Child Molestation in Mentoring and Youth-Serving Organizations.

Nicholas Muyo
Internal Affairs/Media Relations Instructor

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Nick Muyo recently retired after a 36 1/2 year law enforcement career. Nick was a Criminal Investigator with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office and a Sergeant with the San Jose Police Department. He started his law enforcement career with the Berkeley Police Department. His prior assignments included work in the Sexual Assault Investigations Unit, the REACT High Tech Task Force, as a Night Detective out of the Robbery Unit, Internal Affairs, the Field Training Unit and as the Press Information Officer for the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney. Nick has previously presented training classes on Sources of Information, Internet Crimes Against Children, and Internet Safety.

Larry Day
Robbery Investigation Instructor

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Larry Day is a sergeant for the San Jose Police Department with work experience and expertise in Robbery Investigations, Street Gangs, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Narcotics, the DEA Task Force, the FBI Task Force (Asian Organized Crime), Field Training, and Intelligence. Sgt. Day also has worked as a General Detective where he investigated Homicide, Robbery, and Sexual Assault cases. In addition to Robbery Investigation, Sgt. Day teaches courses on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Surveillance, Informant Development, Gang Homicide Investigation, and Prison Gangs.

Jeff Profio
Internal Affairs Instructor

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Jeff Profio is a lieutenant with the San Jose Police Department and is currently assigned to patrol as a watch commander. Jeff is also a certified POST Master Instructor. In addition to Internal Affairs, Jeff has been assigned to the SJPD MERGE Team (SWAT), the Robbery Investigations Unit, the Vice Unit, the Covert Response Unit, and as a Field Training Officer.

Rafael Varela
Interview & Interrogation Instructor

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Detective Rafael Varela has been with the San Jose Police Department since 1999. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from San Jose State University. Rafael is currently assigned to the San Jose Police Robbery Unit. He has worked assignments as a Task Force Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE), Special Operations METRO Unit and Patrol. Rafael received California Narcotic Officers Association (CNOA) Narcotics Officer of the Year Award in 2012.

Scott Savage
Critical Incident/Interview & Interrogation Instructor

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Scott Savage is a Police Officer with the Santa Clara Police Department. Scott spent 18 years with Palo Alto PD, the last seven as a Sergeant, before lateraling to Santa Clara PD. Scott's previous experiences include commanding critical incidents, supervising a crisis negotiation team, serving on a regional SWAT team and full-time assignment to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center task force. He holds a FBI Secret security clearance and is a graduate of FEMA's Master Exercise Practitioner Program. Scott has received numerous awards for his teaching abilities and has authored several articles for law enforcement publications.

John Barg
Officer Involved Incident Instructor

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John L. Barg is a sergeant with the San Jose Police Department and is currently assigned to the Homicide Unit (second tour of duty) where he is responsible for the investigation of homicides and officer involved incidents. John was previously assigned to the Narcotics/Covert Investigations Unit where he investigated narcotics trafficking and organized crime. John was also a member of an FBI task force and spent a year undercover during a multi-agency sting operation. He has lectured on basic homicide investigation, undercover operations, and white collar crime. John has Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of California Davis in Rhetoric and Political Science.

Kendra Nunes
MDI Instructor

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Sgt. Kendra Nunes has been with the San Jose Police Department since 1992. She began her career as a Public Safety Dispatcher where she was a Communications Training Officer (CTO) and Academy instructor. After becoming a police officer in 2000, she worked assignments in patrol and as a Detective in Family Violence, Background Investigations, and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Child Exploitation Detail. She conducted hundreds of investigations involving child sexual abuse and child pornography. Sgt. Nunes is also a certified holistic health coach trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and attended Evergreen Valley College. She is an instructor for The Parent Project, and she regularly teaches Internet Safety, Defensive Tactics, and topics relating to nutrition, technology, and sexual assault investigations.

Andrea Higgens
Elder Abuse Instructor

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Andrea Higgens has a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude in Political Science from the University of Oregon. Andrea started as a police officer with the Redwood City Police Department in 1999 before moving to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office in 2010, where she currently works as a DA Inspector. Andrea has helped plan and implement an extremely effective countywide multidisciplinary elder protection initiative, and she has been investigating and assisting in the prosecution of elder abuse cases since 2011. Andrea's passion for protecting elders has led her to train law enforcement officers and detectives, firefighters, dispatchers, and deputy coroners in recognizing and responding effectively to elder abuse.

David Hubbard
Search & Seizure Instructor

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David Hubbard has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management and an Associate of Science in the Administration of Justice. David is currently working toward his Master of Science in Administration at the California State University, Bakersfield. David began his career in 2007 with the Kern County Sheriff's Office where he has advanced to the rank of Sergeant. David has worked in numerous assignments throughout his career including as a Detective in the Robbery/Homicide Unit, Sexual Assault and Abuse Investigations Unit and Burglary/Theft Unit. David is also certified as a Bomb Technician and Post Blast Investigator and has completed numerous state and federal investigations in this capacity. David has developed a passion for criminal law, specifically in the area of constitutional law and search warrants. David has trained law enforcement from throughout the state in Search and Seizure, Sexual Assault Investigations, Interview and Interrogation and Search Warrants. David assisted in the development of one of the first electronic search warrant systems in the State of California. David is also an instructor for the Kern Regional Training Center in the topics of Search and Seizure, Laws of Arrest and Presentation of Evidence and Courtroom Testimony.

Albert Morales
Media Relations Instructor

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Sergeant Albert Morales has been with the San Jose Police Department since 1998. He is currently assigned to Patrol. Albert previously worked for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy and a Detention Officer. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Albert has worked assignments in Media Relations, Financial Crimes, Day Detective in the Robbery Unit, Police Activities League, and as a Field Training Officer. Albert has provided media relations training to local, state and federal public safety agencies, and corporate public relations professionals.

I'm writing to thank you for one of the best training class I've attended in my 19-year law enforcement career. I conducted my first interview a week after the class. This case involved a child that was molested at the age of four and did not disclose until several years later. There were no independent witnesses or physical evidence. When I interviewed the suspect, I followed the procedures taught in the class step by step. I obtained a complete confession and an apology letter from the suspect. I thought this was just a fluke, until I had five more confessions in the next five cases I investigated. One of these included a homicide in which an infant was killed by a caretaker. I also received an award from the San Diego County Crime Commission for these great interview skills. The award should actually go to you guys, since I'm just mimicking what you taught me. Your class has made the greatest and most direct impact on my assignment of any training class that I've taken. I would highly recommend it to everyone in law enforcement.

Ken Gelskey

National City Police Department