December 2017
Search for Marijuana
November 2017
Officer Safety is Not a "THING"
October 2017
Arrests at Suspect's Residence
September 2017
Protective Sweep of Residence
August 2017
Freezing Residence
July 2017
Invocation by Attorney
June 2017
The Fourth Amendment and “Excessive” Force
May 2017
Juvenile Waivers
April 2017
Searches by Non-Law Enforcement
March 2017
Trespass Theory of Fourth Amendment
February 2017
Private Search
January 2017
Search Incident to Citation (WITHOUT ARREST)
December 2016
Both Passenger and Driver are Seized During a Traffic Stop
November 2016
The Objective
October 2016
Stale for Purposes of Search Warrant Affidavit
September 2016
Miranda Warnings: When to Readmonish
August 2016
People v. Espino
July 2016
Attenuation Doctrine
June 2016
Shatzer v. Maryland Bites Again
May 2016
When is Custody Custody in a Custodial Setting?
April 2016
Promises, Promises, Don't Make Promises
March 2016
Is Time on Your Side?
February 2016
Misdemeanor Arrest
January 2016
Electronic Communication Privacy Act
December 2015
Maryland v. Shatzer Review
November 2015
Crimes Regarding Community Property
October 2015
Consent by Parents
September 2015
The Armed and Suicidal Barricaded Suspect: When should law enforcement just leave?
August 2015
Red Lights on Parked Car: Detention
July 2015
People v. Elizalde
June 2015
Prolonged Detention
May 2015
People v. McCurdy
April 2015
Post Arrest Pre-Miranda Silence
March 2015
Tactical Science
February 2015
Laptop/Computer as Indicia?
January 2015
Anticipatory Miranda Invocation - Valid? NO!
December 2014
Preparation, Containment and Communication
November 2014
Private Searches
October 2014
More Miranda
September 2014
August 2014
Crucial Evidence in Child Molest Cases That Is Rarely Disposed Of - Even After 20 Years
July 2014
Knock & Talks
June 2014
Cell Phone Searches
May 2014
Consent Computer Search
April 2014
CA v. Fernandez
March 2014
Custody and Reinitiation: Synopsis of Rulings
February 2014
Entry to Arrest
January 2014
Exigent Circumstance Entry for Misdemeanor Is Legal
December 2013
Child Pornography Search Warrant Based on Child Molest
November 2013
Suspect Invokes Miranda
October 2013
Moving Suspects During Detentions
September 2013
Detention of a Suspect During Search Warrant
August 2013
Walking Onto Private Property
July 2013
Salinas v. Texas
June 2013
Dignity & Respect
May 2013
Exigent Circumstances - Part Two
April 2013
Exigent Circumstances - Part One
March 2013
No Time Constraint = Successful Interview
February 2013
Miranda Confusion
January 2013
Officer Safety During Interviews
December 2012
Exigent Circumstances v. Search Warrant
November 2012
The Goal is Truth
October 2012
Follow-Up to Maryland v. Shatzer
September 2012
Evidence - A Deciding Factor
August 2012
Illegal Two-Step?
July 2012
Handling Rejection
June 2012
Miranda Custody in Prison – Not Automatic (Howe v. Fields)
May 2012
Our Mindset: “Us Against The System”
April 2012
Implied Waivers for Juveniles - Good?
March 2012
Public Relations v. Crisis Communications
February 2012
Studying Liars Part III
January 2012
Studying Liars Part II
December 2011
Studying Liars Part I
November 2011
Common Carrier Searches
October 2011
A Basic Premise - People Lie
September 2011
Miranda Custody - Patrol Car
August 2011
Detecting Deception: Protest Statements
July 2011
Exigent Circumstances
June 2011
The Interview Environment
May 2011
Changing Predictable Behavior
April 2011
Routine Booking Questions of Gangsters
March 2011
The Importance of Positive Reinforcement
February 2011
Cell Phone Searches Incident to Arrest
January 2011
Visualizing Success
December 2010
Abandoned Property
November 2010
Introduction - Beginning the Interview & Interrogation Process
October 2010
Juvenile Search - Consent Given by Mother
September 2010
Interrogating A Suspect After Invocation of Counsel
August 2010
Observing the Interview Subject Before the Interview
July 2010
Invoking Right to Silence: Must Be Unambiguous
June 2010
Interview Room Design
May 2010
The Human Mask
April 2010
CA Case Alert
March 2010
Motivation v. Manipulation
February 2010
Interviewing Juvenile Suspects
January 2010
Montejo Case
December 2009
Recruiting An NBA Star
November 2009
How to Kill Rapport
October 2009
How to Conclude the Interview
September 2009
Moving from Admission to Confession
August 2009
Obtaining Admissions with Alternative Questions
July 2009
Personal History Questionnaire
June 2009
Cognitive Interview Steps
May 2009
Free-Format Interview Steps
April 2009
Why Investigators Fail to Get to the Truth
March 2009
Obtaining a Letter of Apology
February 2009
January 2009
Consent, Continued
December 2008
Apparent Authority Consent
November 2008
Handcuffing During a Detention
October 2008
September 2008
Article #1 - Undercover Operations
Article #2 - Detentions and Arrests
August 2008
Article #1 - Confidential Informant Motivation
Article #2 - Passengers In Car Searches
July 2008
Article #1 - Conspiracy Investigations
Article #2 - Reinitiating Custodial Interrogations
June 2008
Article #1 - Drug Case Flash Roll Management
Article #2 - Consent
May 2008
Protective Sweeps
April 2008
Photographing In The Field
March 2008
I Take the Fifth
February 2008
Routine Pat Searches
January 2008
Parental Consent
December 2007
Spotlight on Detentions
November 2007
Tricky Tricky Tricky
October 2007
Passenger in a Car-stop is Detained
September 2007
Consensual Encounters
August 2007
Custody for Miranda Purposes
July 2007
Consent Searches
June 2007
Workplace Searches
May 2007
Ramey/Payton Warrants
April 2007
Ambiguous Invocations
March 2007
Studying Liars
February 2007
Anonymous Tips & Reasonable Suspicion Part 2
January 2007
Seismic Change to Sentencing Laws
December 2006
Probation and Parole Searches
November 2006
Anonymous Tips and Reasonable Suspicion
October 2006
Jessica's Law PROP 83
September 2006
Vehicle Stops and Passengers
August 2006
Knock-Notice and the Exclusionary Rule
July 2006
The Miranda Warning and Voluntariness
June 2006
The Miranda Warning and the Sixth Amendment
May 2006
The Miranda warning and the Fifth Amendment
April 2006
How to Prove Force in Child Molest Cases
March 2006
The Importance of Proving Force in Child Molest Cases
February 2006
Child Abuse and Molest-Two New Laws