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The latest articles from the Third Degree Communications team about case law for cops and news impacting law enforcement today.

Jul, 2023

Applying the Attenuation Doctrine to Parole Searches: People v. McWilliams

Mar, 2023


Aug, 2022

VEGA v. TEKOH: US Supreme Court says no personal liability for a police officer’s violation of Miranda

Mar, 2022

Edwards Presumption and Shatzer Exception: When 14 days makes all the difference!

Dec, 2021

Violating Payton: It’s Going to Hurt

Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021

Jailhouse Inmate or Government Agent? People v. Johnsen (CA Supreme Court Case)

Jan, 2021

BUT THEY DID IT FIRST! The Private Search Doctrine

Oct, 2020

Knock-Knock: Who’s There?

Jun, 2020

Spousal Consent: Maybe Not the Best Way to Achieve Spousal Distancing!

May, 2020

Reasonable Suspicion and Common Sense Prevail: Kansas v. Glover

Apr, 2020

Miranda: But you didn’t tell me you wanted to talk about that! (US v. Davis)

Mar, 2020

Finally! Truth Wins Out! (People v. Guzman)

Feb, 2020

Ending California’s Minority of One: No more warrantless vehicle searches for personal identification (People v. Lopez)

Nov, 2019

Giving Law Enforcement the Finger – Does the 5th Amendment Apply?

Oct, 2019

Rehaif v. United States:  Proving you know who you are!

Aug, 2019

DUIs and the 4th Amendment, Search Incident to Arrest and Implied Consent: It’s enough to drive you to drink (but not to drink and drive)!

Jun, 2019

Miranda: When “atmosphere” equals custody (People v. Saldana)

May, 2019

Miranda: Establishing motive is an incriminating matter (People v. Anthony 2019)

Apr, 2019

MIRANDA: Do you know who you are confessing to? (People v. Orozco 2019)

Mar, 2019

Something Smells Fishy… Reasonable Suspicion?

Feb, 2019

Fake Friends! Your Mom May Not Approve, But Courts Do

Jan, 2019

911 Hang Ups – Exigency or Not?

Dec, 2018

Criminal Justice in CA … Oh How the Times they are a Changin’ (Part II)

Nov, 2018

Criminal Justice in CA … Oh How the Times they are a Changin’ (Part I)

Oct, 2018

Frontload Your Investigation Before Talking with a Suspect

Sep, 2018

US v. Ackerman

Aug, 2018

Miranda of a Suspect Who has Already Waived His Miranda Rights

Jul, 2018

People v. Case – Intentional Miranda Violation

Jun, 2018

Automobile Exception v. Curtilage of residence. Curtilage wins.

May, 2018

Questioning at the Police Station

Apr, 2018

Fourth Amendment Musings

Mar, 2018

Miranda Refresher

Jan, 2018

625.6 W&I – New Miranda Law for Juveniles in CA

Dec, 2017

Search for Marijuana

Nov, 2017

Officer Safety is Not a “THING”

Oct, 2017

Arrests at Suspect’s Residence

Sep, 2017

Protective Sweep of Residence

Aug, 2017

Freezing Residence

Jul, 2017

Invocation by Attorney

Jun, 2017

The Fourth Amendment and “Excessive” Force

May, 2017

Juvenile Waivers

Apr, 2017

Searches by Non-Law Enforcement

Mar, 2017

Trespass Theory of Fourth Amendment

Feb, 2017

Private Search

Jan, 2017

Search Incident to Citation (WITHOUT ARREST)

Dec, 2016

Both Passenger and Driver are Seized During a Traffic Stop

Oct, 2016

Stale for Purposes of Search Warrant Affidavit

Sep, 2016

Miranda Warnings: When to Readmonish

Aug, 2016

People v. Espino

Jul, 2016

Attenuation Doctrine

Jun, 2016

Shatzer v. Maryland Bites Again

May, 2016

When is Custody Custody in a Custodial Setting?

Apr, 2016

Promises, Promises, Don’t Make Promises

Feb, 2016

Misdemeanor Arrest

Jan, 2016

Electronic Communication Privacy Act

Dec, 2015

Maryland v. Shatzer Review

Nov, 2015

Crimes Regarding Community Property

Oct, 2015

Consent by Parents

Aug, 2015

Red Lights on Parked Car: Detention

Jul, 2015

People v. Elizalde

Jun, 2015

Prolonged Detention

May, 2015

People v. McCurdy

Apr, 2015

Post Arrest Pre-Miranda Silence

Feb, 2015

Laptop/Computer as Indicia?

Jan, 2015

Anticipatory Miranda Invocation – Valid? NO!

Nov, 2014

Private Searches

Oct, 2014

More Miranda

Sep, 2014


Aug, 2014

Crucial Evidence in Child Molest Cases That Is Rarely Disposed Of – Even After 20 Years

Jul, 2014

Knock & Talks

Jun, 2014

Cell Phone Searches

May, 2014

Consent Computer Search

Apr, 2014

CA v. Fernandez

Mar, 2014

Custody and Reinitiation: Synopsis of Rulings

Feb, 2014

Entry to Arrest

Jan, 2014

Exigent Circumstance Entry for Misdemeanor Is Legal

Dec, 2013

Child Pornography Search Warrant Based on Child Molest

Nov, 2013

Suspect Invokes Miranda

Oct, 2013

Moving Suspects During Detentions

Sep, 2013

Detention of a Suspect During Search Warrant

Aug, 2013

Walking Onto Private Property

Jul, 2013

Salinas v. Texas

Jun, 2013

Dignity & Respect

May, 2013

Exigent Circumstances – Part Two

Apr, 2013

Exigent Circumstances – Part One

Mar, 2013

No Time Constraint = Successful Interview

Feb, 2013

Miranda Confusion

Jan, 2013

Officer Safety During Interviews

Dec, 2012

Exigent Circumstances v. Search Warrant

Nov, 2012

The Goal is Truth

Oct, 2012

Follow-Up to Maryland v. Shatzer

Sep, 2012

Evidence – A Deciding Factor

Aug, 2012

Illegal Two-Step?

Jul, 2012

Handling Rejection

Jun, 2012

Miranda Custody in Prison – Not Automatic (Howe v. Fields)

May, 2012

Our Mindset: “Us Against The System”

Apr, 2012

Implied Waivers for Juveniles – Good?

Mar, 2012

Public Relations v. Crisis Communications

Feb, 2012

Studying Liars Part III

Jan, 2012

Studying Liars Part II

Dec, 2011

Studying Liars Part I

Nov, 2011

Common Carrier Searches

Oct, 2011

A Basic Premise – People Lie

Sep, 2011

Miranda Custody – Patrol Car

Aug, 2011

Detecting Deception: Protest Statements

Jul, 2011

Exigent Circumstances

Jun, 2011

The Interview Environment

May, 2011

Changing Predictable Behavior

Apr, 2011

Routine Booking Questions of Gangsters

Mar, 2011

The Importance of Positive Reinforcement

Feb, 2011

Cell Phone Searches Incident to Arrest

Jan, 2011

Visualizing Success

Dec, 2010

Abandoned Property

Nov, 2010

Introduction – Beginning the Interview & Interrogation Process

Oct, 2010

Juvenile Search – Consent Given by Mother

Sep, 2010

Interrogating A Suspect After Invocation of Counsel

Aug, 2010

Observing the Interview Subject Before the Interview

Jul, 2010

Invoking Right to Silence: Must Be Unambiguous

Jun, 2010

Interview Room Design

May, 2010

The Human Mask

Apr, 2010

CA Case Alert

Mar, 2010

Motivation v. Manipulation

Feb, 2010

Interviewing Juvenile Suspects

Jan, 2010

Montejo Case

Dec, 2009

Recruiting An NBA Star

Nov, 2009

How to Kill Rapport

Oct, 2009

How to Conclude the Interview

Sep, 2009

Moving from Admission to Confession

Aug, 2009

Obtaining Admissions with Alternative Questions

Jul, 2009

Personal History Questionnaire

Jun, 2009

Cognitive Interview Steps

May, 2009

Free-Format Interview Steps

Apr, 2009

Why Investigators Fail to Get to the Truth

Mar, 2009

Obtaining a Letter of Apology

Feb, 2009


Jan, 2009

Consent, Continued

Dec, 2008

Apparent Authority Consent

Nov, 2008

Handcuffing During a Detention

Oct, 2008


Sep, 2008

Article #2 – Detentions and Arrests

Sep, 2008

Article #1 – Undercover Operations

Aug, 2008

Article #2 – Passengers In Car Searches

Aug, 2008

Article #1 – Confidential Informant Motivation

Jul, 2008

Article #2 – Reinitiating Custodial Interrogations

Jul, 2008

Article #1 – Conspiracy Investigations

Jun, 2008

Article #2 – Consent

Jun, 2008

Article #1 – Drug Case Flash Roll Management

May, 2008

Protective Sweeps

Apr, 2008

Photographing In The Field

Mar, 2008

I Take the Fifth

Feb, 2008

Routine Pat Searches

Jan, 2008

Parental Consent

Dec, 2007

Spotlight on Detentions

Nov, 2007

Tricky Tricky Tricky

Oct, 2007

Passenger in a Car-stop is Detained

Sep, 2007

Consensual Encounters

Aug, 2007

Custody for Miranda Purposes

Jul, 2007

Consent Searches

Jun, 2007

Workplace Searches

May, 2007

Ramey/Payton Warrants

Apr, 2007

Ambiguous Invocations

Mar, 2007

Studying Liars

Feb, 2007

Anonymous Tips & Reasonable Suspicion Part 2

Jan, 2007

Seismic Change to Sentencing Laws

Dec, 2006

Probation and Parole Searches

Nov, 2006

Anonymous Tips and Reasonable Suspicion

Oct, 2006

Jessica’s Law PROP 83

Sep, 2006

Vehicle Stops and Passengers

Aug, 2006

Knock-Notice and the Exclusionary Rule

Jul, 2006

The Miranda Warning and Voluntariness

Jun, 2006

The Miranda Warning and the Sixth Amendment

May, 2006

The Miranda warning and the Fifth Amendment

Apr, 2006

How to Prove Force in Child Molest Cases

Mar, 2006

The Importance of Proving Force in Child Molest Cases

Feb, 2006

Child Abuse and Molest-Two New Laws

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